Media Nav Version 7.0.5 Unlock Package for KWID/Climber/Racer/Duster/Lodgy/Megane/Dacia

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If you want to activate Rear view camera/Rear speaker facility in your Kwid's Media Nav version 6.0.3/7.0.5/7.0.7:

1. Purchase Package.

1. पैकेज खरीदें 

2. After confirm payment we will send you an E-Mail with complete step by step procedure we also provide a video link.

2.पेमेंट कन्फर्म हो जाने के तुरंत बाद हमारी तरफ से आपको एक इ-मेल प्राप्त होगा जिसमे आपको फाइल डाउनलोड करने के लिए लिंक दिए होंगे तथा अनलॉक करने की पूरी विधि दी गई होगी साथ ही साथ एक विडियो लिंक भी मिलेगा जिसमे अनलॉक करने के सभी स्टेप समझाए गए होंगे.

3.This Unlock package valid for MediaNav Version 6.0.3/7.0.5 (Evolution Version)

3.ध्यान रहे की यह अनलॉक पैकेज केवल मीडिया नेविगेटर वर्जन 6.0.3/7.0.5 (Evolution Version) को ही अनलॉक करेगा.

4.this unlock package provide rear view camera and rear speakers facility unlock in your Medianav.

Special Note: this package not provides Video Playback facility in MediaNav.

Product reviews (50)

5 May 2017

i am very happy to purchase this package.

5 May 2017

I am purchase this package ITS VERY GOOD.

8 May 2017

hi Does the package include the Turkish language option?

10 May 2017

I want to purchase this to my renault kwid climber. I have already purchased the video camera, 24pin connector and rear gear engage wire. Now I just want to unlock the media NAV. Please anyone let me know how it works? If I unlock the media nav in kwid Will that activate my reverse gear camera? because in the renualt store, they are saying this unlock package won't work for kwid and they said that I need to purchase the 11000 rupees worth reverse camera. It seems like they trying to cheat me. Please share your views on this.

24 May 2017

It is very good easy to installation.

12 June 2017

Purchased & installed rearview camera & rear speakers.Even without knowing Hindi the video was very helpful. Everything is ok . But i-task manager pops every time the system restarted. Please help

13 June 2017

Dear Vasu Dont worry about i Task Manager. we are sending you a link for removal of i Task Manager popup. please check your mail.

19 June 2017

Hi! How to activate video playback in KWID? Please mail me at

19 June 2017

How long does is it take to sent to by email after payment is done?

19 June 2017

This is a great product, works fine and the easy guide makes it effortless. But im only upset with the i-task manager which pops up when the system is restarted, i kindly request for your help on this problem.

20 June 2017

Dear Akhil, Dont worry about i Task Manager. we are sending you a link for removal of i Task Manager popup. please check your mail.

30 June 2017

Hi i have Lodgy RXL Steplway model and there is no Map installed in my MEDIA-NAV system can you help me on this... while i reached Renault official website they asking to pay amount $119 for the map (india). Kindly email:

2 July 2017

Hi! How to activate video playback in KWID?

8 July 2017

Hi,I have kwid rxt with media nav.4.0.6.can I replace with 7.0.5..?

8 July 2017

Yes Deepak you can upgrade 4.0.6 to 7.0.5MD. buy now Product link is:

10 July 2017

What will be total cost for rearview camera kit + median nav??

12 July 2017

this is very good prodect, I happy. thank u, kwid carsolution

16 July 2017

Hi,where from I can install this package and which facility these have.

20 July 2017

i need unlocker for software version 8.0.5 . i purchase a new kwid on 19/07/17 in this software version is 8.0.5. anybody help me for unlocking

21 July 2017

hello, i want vidio play back in my lodgy RXL stepway, Is it possible? letme know how pls contact me on

27 July 2017

Is this for reverse camera

27 July 2017

Dear Sandeep please chehck again your version will 7.0.5.

27 July 2017

Dear Aaush yes this is for rear Camera and rear speakers.

2 August 2017

Will this work for media Mac version 8.0.5 ?

8 August 2017

no its 8.0.5 firmware version tell me yours email i can send photo

20 August 2017

i have purchased software from but is only video player it has not activated rear camera and rear spear do this will activate both and do I will get dboot file and back to upgrade 7.0.5 file with it

20 August 2017

is this software for only cable purchase customer only as has mention they provide it with cable purchase customer only

20 August 2017

Dear antony pereira yes it will do unlock Both Features without changing any other features in MediaNav.

22 August 2017

my version is 8.0.5, is there option to play videos and also compatiable with reverse cam

23 August 2017

Dear vinay some peoples on you tube provides video player for MediaNav but truth is this the Video player in MediaNav is not we cant provide this facility.second question of yours regarding Camera compatibility so yes Renault MediaNav originally has option of Rear Camera and Rear speakers facility so without any hesitation you can use rear camera and rear spkr option. product link is

25 August 2017

why Renault company locked rear speakers and rear view camera

25 August 2017

vijay Kumar i think its a big discussion point.

26 August 2017

It's very easy... I'm unlocked rear speakers and rear view camera opctions..It email guide me very well thank u ... But I'm put in reverse gair On screen no movent Why ??

26 August 2017

Dear Adala Vijay because of you have not install rear camera till now.when you install rear camera then you can see camera on screen.

31 August 2017

Hello Could you please confirm, that this will void the warranty or not

1 September 2017

Dear Nandit it could not void the advise to you please do not install video player software from other source otherwise warranty will be void.

1 September 2017

in that my kwid showing in system version is 4.7 something can i upgrade this version ?

2 September 2017

Dear krupesh chauhan, if your version is 4.0.2/4.0.3/4.0.4/4.0.5/4.0.6/4.0.7 then you can upgrade into 7.0.5MD(unofficial Upgrade).its like original 7.0.5 version.but only one negative features in this upgrade you can not upgrade in next update. you can try if you dont want this then you can uninstall this and revert back to your original version.ok Good Luck.

3 September 2017

Hey if i buy this and unlock all those features, will i get updates from Renault. There are free map updates from renault for 1 year right??

4 September 2017

Dear TOM Thomas, yes your device will same as original as new,after activation both of features your device will be eligible to receive any update from Renault server.

11 September 2017

can this be used on European cars that have media nav and if so how would we purchase the update many thanks.

11 September 2017

Dear jay campbell, Yes You can use this this in any country in the world.ensure that your version properly matched with mention in unlock Renault and Renault Subsidiarys companies are used same type of medianav from last 17 Years in worldwide. we have currently many happy customers in France,Great Britain,USA,Denmark,UAE,Barma,Shrilanka etc. we have send also the shipment in that countrys. you can buy with us if you face any problem then you can contact with us on our Email id or WhatsApp 9258962131. Thanks for your intrest.

15 September 2017

Hi I want to enable video player. Please help.

25 September 2017

Purchased & installed rearview camera & rear speakers But i-task manager pops every time the system restarted. Please help

26 September 2017

Sateesh Nayak check mail

2 October 2017

hi,i have kwid rxt with media nav 4.0.6.can i replace with 7.0.5.

3 October 2017


8 October 2017

hi sir plese sent video playback fecility

11 October 2017

Hi! How to activate video player and rear camera in KWID

11 October 2017

Dear Sudhir Singh,you can activate rear view camera facility through unlock package but Video Playback facility will not be activated and we cant provide video playback facility.

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